Factors related to the stress among nurses at Lam Dong II hospital and Lam Dong children’s hospital in the Covid - 19 situation

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Ho, T. T. H., Le, T. T., Nguyen, N. T., & Manichanh, X. (2022). Factors related to the stress among nurses at Lam Dong II hospital and Lam Dong children’s hospital in the Covid - 19 situation. Tạp Chí Khoa học Điều dưỡng, 6(01), 49–57. https://doi.org/10.54436/jns.2023.01.584

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Objective: Describe the stress level and factors related to the stress status among nurses at Lam Dong II Hospital and Lam Dong Children’s Hospital.

Participants and methods: A cross-sectional descriptive study design was conducted on 415 nurses working at Lam Dong II Hospital and Lam Dong Children’s Hospital, who directly participated in the COVID-19 epidemic prevention and control. Data was collected by self-reported form through the DASS-21 questionnaire from January to September 2022.

Result: The rate of nursing stress at mild, moderate and severe levels was 42.3%, 28.9% and 6.1%, respectively. The study identified a number of factors that were statistically significantly related to the stress status of nurses, including Personal factors (age, seniority, physical activity), Work (work stability, overtime duration). Working environment (frequency of exposure to bad attitudes of patient’s family), Encouragement at work.

Conclusion: The percentage of nurses showing signs of stress was quite high at 77.4%. It is necessary to have policies and regimes to reduce stress and improve the health and psychological well-being of nurses.


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Stress, Nursing, COVID-19 Stress, Nursing, COVID-19
PDF (English) Download: 66 View: 90

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